Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot Music Happenings

What's up everyone? Hope your holidays were ah-mazing. Here's what's new with us:

  •  E.P. (untitled as of yet) recordings are still going strong!
  • We now have over 6,000 fans! And we love each and every one of you in our own creepy way. 
  •  We're working on our VLOGS. Here's the thing: we need to know what you'd rather watch. A documentary chronicling our musical journey, informational videos on our equipment and how we play or just a random mash up with the essence of GGI--let us know! 
  •  We're considering doing our own album art since we're both art nerds. We'd love to release some of it early to a few of you as it comes along--drop us a line here if you want in or leave us a comment on this post. 

 We'll keep this short and sweet. Expect to hear more from us as we continue to be the fever burning under your skin.


Gravity Giving In
Michael and Lizi

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Overdrive and Studio Time

Sorry I wasn't able to post last week due to a hectic work week. Since last GGI update we have a new song and we are getting ready to go to the studio to record our demo. Our new song, called overdrive, is musically as well as lyrically a blend of light and dark sounds with a blend of mellow and intense melodies. Overdrive is a new favorite of ours and we are glad to have in our repitoire. We are negotiating with different sound engineers right now to find the right person to help translate our vision to the next level in the studio. We are hoping to have our demo ready and finshed early 2012, but we will keep posting updates as the events unfold.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Next neat bit of news this week is our new song “Individuality” was added to our official website today at

About the Song:

Individuality is a song about a protégé from the role models perspective…the kind of molding from yourself into another person and seeing that change into something else…and that something else realizing its own shape (or its own individuality)

We are very excited to share it with everyone and we hope its well received!